Hey there, I’m Darbi Shaun, a singer-songwriter from Houston, TX.

This whole music thing started for me at 14, when I sang a song I wrote in front of other humans (not the Jonas Brothers posters covering my walls) for the first time at the Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville, TN. They always say you get “hooked” and I guess that’s true, because I haven’t stopped since. Since then I’ve recorded other projects and played a lot of gigs. Some to just the bartenders, 3 people, 10 people, no people. But eventually I played for some people and have opened for musicians that I look up to and met people I never dreamed would know my name. It’s been four years since my last project. I am now one semester away from being a Texas A&M graduate (WHOOP) and entering into “the real world”. These years have given me time to grow, write, change, try to figure out life, fail at figuring out life and write some more. I hope these songs make you feel. I hope you love 4AM.

4AM. The time when you realize you don’t care what he thinks anymore. The time old love won’t let you sleep. The time you realize distance can be measured ┬áin emotions, not just miles. The time you’re still up from a night out. The time you realize you’re at a cool place in your life. The time for contemplating memories and broken hearts. That’s 4AM.

Sample the music on 4am:

The song list:

  1. If You Like That
  2. 4AM
  3. Walk On Water
  4. Boy In A Ball Cap
  5. College Town
  6. Long Way Home
  7. Stars

Stars official video:


The making of the album 4AM – behind the scenes:

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